We’ve all seen a sparkler exit. They can be magical, but also tricky to pull off! With sparkler exits, you also need to have your photographer there until the end of the night to capture the photos. This can add on several hours of photography coverage which can be an expense.

And, if you want to know the truth it’s not always your wedding vendors favorite exit because fire and people who have been drinking really just don’t mix. It can be difficult to get everyone lined up and to listen to instructions when it comes to a sparkler grand exit.

So what are your alternative options to having a non-sparkler exit? We’ve got you covered with five additional ideas.

25Mockingbird Photography | Sparkler Exits
25Mockingbird Photography

One: Bubbles

Bubbles are inexpensive and a fairly easy plan to execute. Plus, wedding guests always have fun with bubbles! Especially kiddos!

Two: Fiber Optic Wands

Fiber optic wands have a similar effect with lighting, but are easy to use. Everyone can just grab one on their way out and turn them on instead of lighting each one like sparklers Two other perks are these can be used on the dance floor and guests can also take them home as a favor!

Kayleigh Ross Photography | Foam Lights Wedding Exit
Kayleigh Ross Photography

Three: Glow Sticks and Foam Wands

Take it from us, guests LOVE glow sticks. Foam wands are a similar option and can light up like glow sticks as well! These are a great alternative that still give you the glowing vibe of sparklers, but without the danger of real fire. It also decreases the hassle of getting all the sparklers lit simultaneously. Plus, like fiber optic wands, they can be used on the dance floor and be taken home by guests. Plus, kids love them too if you’re having a reception that will have a good handful of kiddos.

Four: Streamers

Streamers are another unique option for guests and they make gorgeous photos! This is a great choice if you’re a bit more traditional and don’t want the neon color of glow sicks. They even make no-mess versions that work perfectly for venues that don’t allow things that require clean up. We recommend if going the streamer route, that you get the plastic versus the paper version because if the ground is wet, the paper ones are hard to clean up even if you get the streamers that stayed attached to the popper.

Steph Photo Co | Sparkler Exits
Steph Photo Co.

Five: Rose Petals

Rose petals are a classic option and they environmentally friendly. They won’t harm grass in the way that things like confetti would. Your florist can provide rose petals or you can get artificial ones from a craft store, but keep in mind artificial ones aren’t environmentally friendly. Just envision the romantic photos with all your guests tossing rose petals as you exit! Plus, we love when couples gather just their wedding party for a more intimate “exit” picture.

Be sure to check with your venue when considering these options.

All venues have different rules and guidelines, so make sure to confirm if your exit plans will be following your venues rules and guidelines. This will help confirm that everything goes according to plan with no hiccups!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to ditch sparklers for one of these alternatives to sparkler exits for one of these options? If you’re not, and still have your heart set on a sparkler exit (which is a-okay!), just make sure to read this blog before you do.

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