There are lots of myths about wedding planners out there so we’re taking some time to dive in and debunk these myths! Read on for four myths about wedding planners.

Our fifth point is probably the most important myth debunked so read this blog all the way through, okay? Cool. 🙂

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One: Wedding Planners are Too Expensive

Like all of your wedding vendors, wedding planners are an investment. However we are making the argument that just like your photographer is an investment you wouldn’t go without, so is your planner! You may love planning and design and are Type-A organized which is awesome. This means you may not need a full-service planner. But at a minimum we recommend hiring a wedding planner for wedding management to handle all the final details leading up to the wedding and on the day itself.

You don’t want your mom or maid of honor running around placing linens, handling any issues that arise (and, there will be things that have to be troubleshooted on your day), telling vendors where to go, keeping up with the timeline, etc. It’s just not fun. You want your family and wedding party to enjoy the day work-free.

You’ll find that planners offer a variety of service levels and different price points so you can determine which is the best option for you. Just like other vendors, be sure to research planners and understand their level or experience and what they are offering at each price point.

Note when you’re researching planners it’s important to hire a wedding planner who not only has at least general liability insurance, but is a proper business.

Having a planner will be one of the best investments you make. Hands-down, we promise you this statement is true. This time is already stressful enough so having a planner handle the final details is so important. They will handle final vendor confirmations, create your timeline (and making sure guests and professionals stick to it). They will also manage the set up and everything on the day which will be such a relief for you.

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Two: Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators are the Same Thing

Venue coordinators are great and they make working with venues so much better! But they are not the same thing as a wedding planner. The easiest explanation is that venue coordinators are employed by the venue and their responsibility is the venue. Wedding planners are hired by you and therefore you are their first and most important priority.

Venue coordinators want the day to run smoothly and be everything you dreamed it to be. But ultimately they are making sure everything is good with the venue. Things like making sure the heat or air conditioning is working properly. They are adjusting the lighting. They are making sure the grounds look perfect. These are all important things, but they aren’t responsible for your décor, your timeline, running your ceremony, or managing all your vendors to make sure they are doing what they are contracted to do. That’s where a wedding planner comes in.

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Three: Wedding Planners Can Get Vendors to Offer Discounts

Planners have great relationships with vendors and it is part of their role to recommend vendors that would be a good fit within your style and budget. They work hard to know the vendors in their market and to build relationships to help serve couples. However, that doesn’t mean they have access to some secret discounts. That just isn’t how the industry operates. It can put your planner in an awkward position if you ask them to get discounts from other vendors. It’s important that everyone’s time and expertise is valued. These are usually small businesses who have worked hard and intentionally priced their services at a rate that is fair.

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Four: Wedding Planners Will Set Your Entire Wedding

Every planner is different, but generally wedding planners will handle set up including placing a seating chart or escort cards, setting the linens and place settings (alongside the catering team), placing personal items such as your guestbook, family photos or favors, placing and lighting candles and making sure your overall design has come to life. However, planners don’t have the time (and often the level of expertise needed) to do the job of other vendors. It’s so important to have a professional vendors like a florist, DJ, A/V professional, lighting and more. They each are a pro in their specific field and will execute your wedding day with precision.

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Five: Week-Of or Day-Of Wedding Planning Does Not Exist

Week-Of and Day-Of planning does not exist. We repeat: This does not exist.

What you’ll find is if anyone is going to help you execute all the planning you’ve done, they require at least two months of wedding management/wedding coordination. This allows your wedding planner ample time to become acquainted with the in’s and out’s of your wedding day, verify your vendors, work with you on the timeline and ceremony order, etc.

We would advise you to take caution if someone says they can be your coordinator for just the weekend or just show up on they day to help you execute the months upon months you’ve spent on planning.

Hopefully we debunked some myths about wedding planners for you that will help you in your planning!

If you have any questions at all, please let us by contacting us.

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Myths About Wedding Planners Debunked

Myths About Wedding Planners Debunked

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