Time for part two of three-part blog series: Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You to Know. If you missed part one, you can click here to read.

In this blog, we are uncovering SIX more tidbits, so here we go!

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

One: We Want You To Feel Like You’re Our Only Couple

Here’s a big whole secret and truth bomb all-in-one! Vendors really want you to feel as if you’re their only client, but you know this isn’t the case. They usually have a client roster a mile long and many to-do’s on their list. So, if they forget to respond to a message or get details mixed up, know that is simply because they are human, not because they don’t care about you and your wedding day.

P.S. This blog is being written during vendors’ peak fall wedding season, which usually means a delay in response from your vendors. BUT more on that topic Friday. 🙂

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Two: Please Be Respectful of Our Boundaries

Vendors would give you the shirt off their back if they needed to. And, in the wedding industry there are a lot of Enneagram Two’s, which means most vendors are big-ole people-pleasers (oftentimes to their detriment!).

With this being said, vendors have to set boundaries and adhere to them even if it means making clients upset in the moment. Boundaries are in place to help vendors avoid burnout and allow them time with their families. So, please be respectful of their boundaries (i.e. office hours, preferred method of communication, protocols they have in place, etc.).

The WBB can promise you that vendors who honor the boundaries they have set in place, are the best vendors to work with because they know how to take the time to fill their cup up first in order to best serve you. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask first before helping someone else.

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Three: Weekends are for Weddings

You wouldn’t believe how many clients (or potential clients) will ask if vendors can meet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Let us tell you this is a big-ole NO. It is not out of harshness, it’s simply that weekends are reserved for weddings because weekends are when wedding vendors work.

If by chance a wedding vendor has a weekend off, I guarantee you they don’t want to spend it in a meeting. It’s a rarity so they are usually enjoying the outdoors, getting drinks with friends, spending quality time with family, or sleeping in for a change.

Vendors do understand that couples often work a full-time job Monday-Friday, but there are often specific times vendors will set outside of business hours to meet with couples, etc.

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Four: You Are Responsible for Your Guests’ Behavior

So this is a BIG tidbit that your vendors want you to know. You are responsible for your guests’ behavior.

For example, if Uncle Joe gets a temper after he’s been drinking and starts yelling at one of your vendors, you’re held liable for those actions. If said vendor feels that their abuse clause has been broken, they have the right to leave your wedding unless you send Uncle Joe home instead.

Your guests will set the tone for your wedding reception so if you know that there are particular guests who will cause disarray, it’s best to leave them off the invite list. Or, at least be prepared to face any consequences.

It’s also extremely important that you make sure your guests and family members know to respect your vendors. Because again, if guests or family members abuse the abuse clause, it sadly falls back on you and your vendors have the right to leave your wedding. Know your vendors really, really do not want any situation to come to them leaving before the night is through. It is such a rarity that this happens. In fact, we at The WBB only know of one instance that came to this tidbit.

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Five: YES, You Are Photogenic!

Time for a more light-hearted tidbit, don’t you think?

Your photographers want you to know that you most definitely are photogenic. You are not by any means awkward. If you do feel a bit uncomfortable in front of a camera, make sure to schedule engagements with your photographer so you can get a “practice” run in before your wedding date. Not only does a practice run help you feel more comfortable, but you’ll get to know your photographer and how they work best. This allows for even better wedding pictures, too!

If you still need a photographer, make sure to check out the photographers listed on The WBB.

Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Six: Setup, Delivery, Cleanup, and Pickup Must Happen During Your Rental Time

Last point (for now)… and it’s an important one, too.

Most venue rentals are usually for one day only. This, naturally, means you only have access to your venue for the day of your wedding. Rentals and personal items typically cannot be brought in the day before or picked up the following business day. All rentals and personal items will have to be brought in on the day you have reserved and must be picked up the day you have reserved.

Even if your venue allows you a complimentary rehearsal, it’s still usually not an option to have rentals delivered during your rehearsal block or bring in personal items. Why is this, you ask?

One, because your venue cannot be held liable if anything is stolen over night. Two, if items are being brought in the day before it requires more staffing time (because it’ll never take “just an hour” for your rehearsal and loading in of items). Your rental fee does not cover the additional time as rehearsal time is usually complimentary as it’s based on the venues availability the day before. Three, if the venue bends the rules for one couple, they’ll have to do it for all and this is where you need to refer back to Point Two in this blog.

Last point to note on this tidbit, if your venue access ends at midnight, your wedding will need to wrap up around 10:30 pm to allow for clean-up and the rental truck to arrive back to load all rentals that were brought in. When contracts state you have access until midnight, this does not mean you can party until midnight and then cleanup can happen. In at said time and out at said time.

Woo! Okay, so we at The WBB know this was a bit heavier when it comes to tidbits vendors want you to know, but the thing is we have to address the hard topics with you. It’s why The WBB exists. The more you know, the better the Arkansas wedding industry can serve you.

This is part two of a three part blog series. If you are a vendor and would like to suggest a tidbit for our next blog, please contact us. Thanks!

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Part Two: Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

Part Two: Tidbits Your Wedding Vendors Desperately Want You To Know

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