When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a wedding color palette can be one of the hardest decisions to make. This is why we decided to put together some of our favorite swoon-worthy wedding color palettes together.

Shade of purple color palette | Madeline C Photography

Photography Credit: Madeline C Photography | Florals: Cabbage Rose Florist

Veri Peri Color of the Year

I won’t lie, I’m partial to this year’s Pantone Color of Year simply because purple is my favorite color.

Many tend to stray away from purple as a prime wedding color, but when used correctly as a primary color in your wedding color palette, it can (and will!) be magical.

Cinderella Classic

Timeless and true, using hues of blue for your wedding color palette will never steer you wrong.

Blues, full white blooms, and greenery seemed to be quite the trend for 2021 and will carry through 2022.

Pink Wedding Color Palette | Kayleigh Ross Photography

Photography: Kayleigh Ross Photography | Florals: Silks A Bloom

All Things Pink

Anyone else think of Steel Magnolias when you hear of an all pink wedding color palette???

There is nothing more delicate and feminine then a well-done pink wedding.

No matter the season, if you want pink to be your number one wedding color, go for it.

Wedding Color Palette | Sterling Imageworks

Photography: Sterling Imageworks | Florals: Magnolia Belle Floral

Sweet Tea

Like drinking a refreshing glass of sweet tea on the front porch with good friends, this color palette just makes you feel welcomed and happy.

The vibrant rust that plays on the magnolia leaf makes it a great fall color palette while the soft aqua and bubblegum pink makes it a lively palette for spring or summer.

Evergreen Glow

Gosh, this color palette truly has us swooning.

Using shades of green in your wedding palette is another tried and true primary color for timeless wedding photos. But, to make your wedding stand out from the rest, adding in a pop of color to compliment the greens such as gold or pink take the palette to another level.

Thankful Elegance

This color palette is just warmth in every sense. A perfect color combo for a fall wedding, you can easily incorporate dark green velvet linens or deep rust velvet linens.

And, to top it off with a twist consider opting for black candles with taupe colored napkins for guests.

Luxurious Drama

Make a statement with rich, dark jewel-tones for your wedding color palette.

The versatility that this color scheme gives you is endless and isn’t one bit lackluster.

Because it’s such a bold palette, don’t be afraid to even use this palette in the springtime – let the statement be made!


For all the Christmastime lovers out there, this is the epitome of a Christmas wedding color palette.

Cozy up to Hallmark Movies while you plan your wedding because this palette truly puts you in the Christmas – err, I mean – wedding spirit.

And, personally, I LOVE a December wedding so bring on the hot cocoa and let’s plan!

Serene Winter

For those who do love a good December wedding, but don’t quite want the full red and green Christmas color palette, this frosty blue palette with a touch of cranberry is the perfect “meet in the middle.”

And, gosh, can we just talk about that midnight blue suit???

To curate your own wedding color palette, check out Pantone Connect. Upload a favorite wedding inspiration image and Pantone will help you extract the main colors it detects from the image.

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Swoon-Worthy Wedding Color Palettes

Wedding Flowers by Magnolia Belle

Swoon-Worthy Wedding Color Palettes

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