Everyone’s least favorite topic… The Wedding Budget. Even though it’s not the most ideal conversation starter, we are putting our full focus on all things wedding budget today. So, without further ado, let’s talk about things to factor when mapping out your wedding budget.


One: Determine Your Guest Count

Guest count will be one of the biggest factors in determining your wedding budget. With catering and bartending being one of the highest expenses, your guest count can drastically make a difference in your overall total due. However, it is more than just the cuisine and the alcohol to consider. With larger guest counts you will need a venue that accommodates your number of guests. You will also need more tables which requires more linens, centerpieces, florals, rentals, etc. All which, of course, add to the overall budget you have in mind for your wedding.

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Two: Prioritize Your Vendors Of Most Importance

Prioritizing vendors is the best and easiest way to starting and keeping to your wedding budget. No matter what your budget, there are always particular vendors that you know you will not compromise on and other vendor categories that you’re okay having play a smaller role in your wedding.

For you, photography might be the most important. For others, having the best DJ and entertainment may be the priority. You can prioritize each vendor category (such as photographer, videographer, catering, bar, entertainment, florist, etc.) by rating them 1-5 on your importance scale. So, if photography is your number one priority that category would get a 1. If food is important, but you really just want to make sure the meal is overall good and served hot, then it may get a 3 on your priority list. This is totally up to you and your partner on how you rate your priorities. And, know that you may spend a little more in one category, but make up for it in another.

The WBB Tip: At The WBB, we recommend reaching out to your number one vendor categories and getting a proposal from them so you can see where they fall and fit into your budget. For example, if your photographer is at the top of your priority list and all the photographers you get quotes from fall into the range of $5k-$7k then you would want to go ahead and adjust your budget to you spending at least $7k in that category.

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Three: Your Choice Of Food And How It Will Be Served

Catering and the bar can easily be the largest expenses at any wedding. There are several options to how you can serve a meal. You can do a plated meal, a buffet, family style, or even stations. Depending on what option you choose, it could change the budget considerably. Each caterer is different, of course, so be sure to ask for all the options. That way you can understand what works with your budget and decide what you want!

To learn more about catering, you can read this blog and this blog.

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Four: Your Floral Preferences

You may hear florals can make or break your wedding design, and while there can be truth to this statement we don’t want you to feel like this means you have to put half of your wedding budget to florals. Because, guess what? Florals may not be that important to you and if this is the case, that is a-okay. And, if florals are the most important to you, that’s a-okay too! Again, every wedding and every couple has their preferences.

If you are into florals some things to consider are the time of year and type of flowers you prefer. If you are getting married in February or May, you have to consider Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Why? Because floral costs usually fluctuate based on supply and demand and during these two months, florals are at a higher demand.

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Other Important Things To Note

One: Guests do not know what ideas and plans that were made throughout the planning process. What we mean by this is… Maybe you received a catering quote from a caterer for a plated meal that totaled $10k for 115 guests. In order to get this cost down a bit, you opted for a buffet-style meal instead. Guess what? Guests don’t know this. And, guess what else? Guests will be happy either way the food is served.

Same with any other aspect of your wedding day. Guests don’t know what your floorplan ideas where. They just see the ideas that made it to your wedding day. Guests do not know what flavors of cake you were torn between, they just know what flavor your decided upon, etc.

Two: Stop comparing your wedding to everyone else’s wedding. Your friends’ wedding is not your wedding and vice versa. Weddings are not meant to outshine the last wedding you attended. Weddings are meant to celebrate the union of you and your partner surrounded by the love and support of your closest friends and family. Once you stop comparing and thinking you must-do or must-have certain things in order for your wedding to be considered an actual wedding, you’ll be more level-headed when working within your budget and not overspending.

Three: Please, don’t go in debt planning your wedding. No marriage should start of with the weight of credit card debt. We understand paying for your wedding using a credit card is a great way to redeem travel points that you can use toward your honeymoon. BUT, please, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Interest rates get you quick and the last thing any of your wedding vendors want is for you to feel regret in overspending. When inquiring with vendors, please be open and honest about your budget and they’ll be happy to do their best to stay within or refer you to someone who can work within your budget.

Okay, so know that we’ve focused on some of the main aspects that you’ll need to factor when you determine a budget, what is the average couples tend to spend on weddings in Arkansas?

This is a loaded question. But, don’t worry, we like answering the hard questions over here at The WBB. Stay tuned as we have the blog coming to you the first week of January.

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Things to Factor when Mapping Out Your Wedding Budget


Things to Factor when Mapping Out Your Wedding Budget

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